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California Jail Program Association

The California Jail Programs Association (CJPA) is the only organization that addresses the multiple challenges of inmate programming and custodial services in California. The membership is made up of both sworn and non-sworn professionals in corrections, program management, educational, vocational, psych-social services, recreation, pastoral care and behavioral health, from both large and small county jails. CJPA members understand the unique aspects of jail programming and services.

The goal of CJPA is to rapidly share information, review best practices and evidence based modalities in program delivery. We are invested in developing programs and services that meet the demands of the increasing inmate population with cost effective, results oriented programming, in a safe and secure environment. We network to review innovative practices that improve the quality of inmate programs in any agency despite dwindling budget resources. Professional inmate programs and services have been proven to reduce recidivism and assist facilities maintain a safer environment for detention staff.

CJPA Officers

Renée Hankla, President, San Benito County


Heather Beidler, Vice President, San Bernardino County


Justin Reeder, Secretary, Mariposa County


Melissa Wagner, Treasurer, San Mateo County


 Cecil Argue, Member At Large, Ventura County

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Renée Hankla- CJPA President

President’s Message

I am honored to be your incoming President of the California Jail Programs Association (CJPA) during its 30-year anniversary. I want to recognize the leadership provided by Brian Gallaway and last year’s Board. I am excited to welcome two new members to the Board and returning members for whom I am grateful for their continued participation and contribution to the organization.

The past three years have shown that we are resilient and committed to providing innovative and effective programs and services. Furthermore, the membership and conference attendees continue to grow and flourish and has energized and motivated our board. My goal this year is to build on our progress providing valuable, relevant, and engaging training and networking opportunities. However, we could not do it without your help and participation.

The Board and I are incredibly appreciative for all the counties, large and small, that have volunteered to host our bi-annual trainings – we couldn’t do it without you!  I also want to acknowledge our sponsors who support the mission and vision of CJPA. Together we work toward a common goal of equipping incarcerated individuals with the tools to be drug-free, healthy, and employable members of our communities.

Thank you for your continued interest and support in the CJPA organization.

With gratitude,

Renée Hankla

CJPA President


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