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California Jail Program Association

The California Jail Programs Association (CJPA) is the only organization that addresses the multiple challenges of inmate programming and custodial services in California. The membership is made up of both sworn and non-sworn professionals in corrections, program management, educational, vocational, psych-social services, recreation, pastoral care and behavioral health, from both large and small county jails. CJPA members understand the unique aspects of jail programming and services.

The goal of CJPA is to rapidly share information, review best practices and evidence based modalities in program delivery. We are invested in developing programs and services that meet the demands of the increasing inmate population with cost effective, results oriented programming, in a safe and secure environment. We network to review innovative practices that improve the quality of inmate programs in any agency despite dwindling budget resources. Professional inmate programs and services have been proven to reduce recidivism and assist facilities maintain a safer environment for detention staff.

CJPA Officers

Rosa Lazenby, President
Riverside County

Chris Martin, Vice President
San Bernardino County

Liana Whisler, Secretary
Sonoma County

Cecil Argue, Treasurer
Ventura County

Juan Martinez, Member At Large
Los Angeles County

Rosa Lazenby-CJPA President

Lazenby Photo (002)

President’s Message

I am humbled, honored and privileged to assume the role of President of the California Jail Programs Association (CJPA). I am deeply grateful to my predecessor, Cecil Argue, for his leadership and extraordinary contributions to CJPA during his presidency, and to the members of the 2016-17 Executive Board. I am inspired by their commitment to CJPA, all their achievements, and I look forward to continuing this important work and fulfilling the mission of CJPA.

In this new endeavor and exciting opportunity, I am joined by my colleagues and new members of the Executive Board, Chris Martin (Vice President), Chakira Coleman (Secretary), Cecil Argue (Treasurer), and Rebecca Lyke (Member at Large). With their support and that of our very dedicated CJPA members, I am confident we will continue our joint efforts in addressing the complexities of inmate programming and custody support services in California.

I have been a member of CJPA since 2003 and experienced first-hand the numerous benefits of a CJPA membership. Over the years each member and represented county have provided their own unique perspective and approach to address and successfully tackle the myriad of challenges with delivering programs. Just to name a few of the resources gained over the years, we have shared policies, procedures, request for proposals, reentry strategies, effective curriculums, and proven approaches to delivering evidence-based practices in a correctional setting.

During the next two years, with the active collaboration of the Executive Board, I will work to promote inmate programs and incorporate training topics geared toward the management, delivery, and custody aspects of administering programs in an adult correctional setting. Several key elements will drive our efforts:

• Pursue more ideas and opportunities to bridge the philosophical differences between rehabilitation and custody.

• Intensify efforts to collaborate and communicate by disseminating information and encouraging dialogue about inmate programs through its website, quarterly conferences, and regular e-mail correspondence.

• Showcase the various Sheriff departments delivering cutting-edge programs, approaches, or successful strategies to reducing recidivism.

• Increase membership to include a greater representation of counties throughout northern and southern California, resulting in greater expertise and capacity to meet the challenges impacting all counties statewide.

• Collect and distribute a directory of county contacts and listing of jail programs throughout California, and this in turn will provide each county a comprehensive and quick reference list of our collective resources.

Although on the surface these may seem like lofty goals, CJPA is positioned to address these key elements through training, education, outreach, advocacy, and in collaboration with its partnering counties, members, legislators, and vendor partners.

The CJPA Executive Board and I look forward to welcoming back last year’s members and many new members to the association. This will be an exciting new year of shared resources, programmatic ingenuity, and unified support as we confront our collective efforts to reduce recidivism and successfully
transition inmates back into society. I look forward to working with everyone over the next two years and seeing how much we can accomplish together.


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